Build Up Huddle Duo

BuildUp Huddle is a collection of acoustic work pods and semi-private spaces inspired by the forest. A concept characterized by openness, accessibility and functionality, designed by the Swedish duo Kauppi & Kauppi, produced by Glimakra of Sweden.

The BuildUp Huddle Solo and Duo create semi-private spaces for individual work and small meetings in two different configurations. The Lounge version is designed to host work sessions or informal meetings for two persons or more, with facing sofas and a centered pillar table. BuildUp Huddle Work is prepared for one person in need of a private space, furnished with both a desk and a sofa for reading and recreational pauses.

As the name suggests, the round BuildUp Pod is intended for one individual in demand for a small personal corner. Available with either a desk or a comfortable sofa – providing a calm, semimuted space without visual distraction. All BuildUp Pods can also be delivered as empty rooms, ready to be custom furnished by architects. All pods have generous entrances without thresholds that closes with curtains. The spaces are pleasantly lit by integrated LED light-strips between the wooden ceiling beams, combined with additional lighting on wall or table. Conveniently placed power outlets makes it easy for users to plug in various devices. The fabric covered wall elements have equally good sound absorption on the inside as on the outside, which means that the pods also serve as an efficient acoustic solution for the greater surrounding interior. The self-supporting construction is quick and easy to install.

Product Downloads

Kauppi & Kauppi

Designer: Kauppi & Kauppi

“Imagine a forest glade embraced by trees. A muted restful place, which is however never completely quiet. We have carried the forest with us as an inspiration during the entire design process. The vision has been to design welcoming, comfortable meeting rooms, that neither close in nor excludes. Rooms that offer focus but not necessarily total quietness. Interiors natural to share with others.”

– Kauppi & Kauppi

See the design inspiration and product in action:

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