Bring lifeback to the work space

The workspace thrives with people being together. And that’s what we’re dedicated to; offering the right products for employers and employees to thrive once again, together.

We’ve taken the best work solutions from Europe to the US with the goal of bringing life back to your workspace.

Why acoustic booths?

Now that employees are headed back into the office after years of WFH, there’s an issue – they feel shy about having confidential conversations in the open. Video calls for all to see and hear. It doesn’t feel right. And, in an open plan, it can cause a lot of disruption. All of our work and meet space products have acoustic properties offering audible privacy in varying degrees, as well as visual privacy in varying degrees.

Acoustic booth

Our Clients

Our products are used across a variety of industries and sectors, including open offices, coworking spaces, educational facilities and healthcare facilities.

We’ve Got it in Stock

Five US stocking locations

We keep our top selling products in stock in 5 locations across the US. Think quick and think easy with Thinkspace! You can ship in 7 days or less!

Find Your Space

Thinkspace products give workspaces the spaces they need for collaboration, privacy, meetings, wellness and offer spaces to breathe.

Designed with you in mind

We understand the challenges today’s employers, facilities managers and employees face. Our products bring real-life, proven solutions from expert European designers and manufacturers.

Neuron Activation Pod

The Neuron Activation Pod transmits very low frequency vibrations in the body. The technology promotes the body’s natural healing abilities, especially through the quality and power of sleep. The technology mechanically guides the user into a meditation-like state.

BuildUp Huddle Duo

The BuildUp Huddle Solo and Duo create semi-private spaces for individual work and small meetings in two different configurations. The Lounge version is designed to host work sessions or informal meetings for two or more, with facing sofas and a centered pillar table.


This acoustic modular meeting pod is designed for up to 4-6 people, making it the ideal place to co-create, brainstorm and have in-person meetings for all. Low threshold and widened door opening provides ADA access and easy space customization.

Happy office workers

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