we’re the distributors of Hush booths in the USA

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Thinkspace provides mobile spaces that increase productivity, comfort, and safety. Come discover why Hush acoustic pods are the solution for your office needs.


why acoustic booths?

Save time, space, and money with Hush booths, allowing you to flexibly approach office design in an ever changing world. HUSHOFFICE BOOTHS Arrow Icon

make open plan work

The 2020 Gensler Workplace report highlights the most important design factors for open offices:

  • Private spaces
  • Virtual collaboration
  • Work settings for everyone
  • Maintenance and cleanliness
  • Ergonomics and comfort
  • Noise management

Download the Gensler Report

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our clients

Hush acoustic pods can be found across a variety of industries and sectors, including open offices, coworking spaces, educational institutions, healthcare facilities.


creating private and flexible spaces with growth in mind

Even before Covid-19, creating private and secure spaces has been a great way to build a sense of privacy and security without building walls. Hushoffice is easy, accessible, and crafted with exceptional design in mind.


find your space

Hushoffice has the largest collection of acoustic pods on the market. Whether working individually or collaboratively, you can find the perfect booth to have Your Hush, Your Way.

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