for better hybrid work

HushHybrid was designed to meet, and exceed, the current expectations of effective work models. Providing a place in the office where video conferencing can still occur comfortably.

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  • UL listed
  • Retractable casters
  • Integrated sofa and tabletop
  • LED side strip lighting for facial illumination
  • Privacy film option
  • Power included
  • Adjustable fans
  • Sprinkler grommet and fire suppression kits

One Person Booth


your hush, your way

The hushHybrid comes with a variety of options, including furnishing, color options, and external add-ons. Build your own Hush booth with the Configurator!


hushHybrid Control Panel

control panel

refined engineering and design

optional fire suppression kit

Depth Adjustable Table

depth-adjustable table

hushMeet Air Ventilation

air ventilation

let your office take a breath

This fully equipped green wall system allows you to cover the exterior of each Hush booth with plants of your choice.

a booth created to support the hybrid worker

With a built-in table, soft seating, and LED lighting, hushHybrid acoustic pod is a go-to location for solo work and video calls. The freestanding design and integrated casters allow hushHybrid to quickly and seamlessly fit into open-plan environments—without construction—and be moved when needed.

a new pointof view

Hushoffice has the largest range of fully mobile booths. HushHybrid was designed to meet current expectations about effective work model. It is dedicated for comfort solo work, especially for video conferences. HushHybrid is mobile and has built-in soft seating.

find your space

Hushoffice has the largest collection of acoustic booths on the market. Whether working individually or collaboratively, you can find the perfect booth to have your hush, your way.

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