create your own personal space

Dim the lights, adjust the ventilation, and sit back and relax to create your ideal working space. Hush Work offers a quiet environment for deep, concentrated work.

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  • Height adjustable table standard
  • Mount for technology/monitor integration
  • Adjustable efficient air ventilation
  • Adjustable LED light
  • Power included
  • Seismic qualifications
  • Sprinkler grommet
  • Optional fire suppression kit
  • UL tested

One Person Booth

WIDTH 63in HEIGHT 91in
DEPTH 47in WEIGHT 1080lbs

your hush, your way

The hushWork comes with a variety of options, including furnishing, color options, and external add-ons. Build your own Hush booth with the Configurator!


hushWork acoustic glass

acoustic glass

Optional Fire Suppression Kit

optional fire suppression kit

hushWork power modules

power modules

hushWork ventilation

air ventilation

let your office take a breath

This fully equipped green wall system allows you to cover the exterior of each Hush booth with plants of your choice.

we chose Hushoffice because of the level of service provided

After weeks of research, we found Hush! Their prices were reasonable and the quality was outstanding. However, the main reason we chose Hush was the level of service they provided to us. We could tell they were truly invested in finding a solution that worked for our team.

a new pointof view

Hushoffice has the largest range of fully mobile booths. The hushWork has built-in casters so you can easily adjust your space with a push. All other booths sit on a unique frame that allows 4in of space, making it easy to move the unit with a pallet jack. Rearrangement takes minutes, requires no disassembly, and allows no interruption.

find your space

Hushoffice has the largest collection of acoustic booths on the market. Whether working individually or collaboratively, you can find the perfect booth to have your hush, your way.

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