Thinkspace brings HushFree best-in-class acoustic collection of booths to North America with debut at NeoCon 2024

Class A acoustics, mood lighting, ventilation and room availability features at an affordable price are workspace game changers.

Three models offer exceptional acoustic comfort for individuals, teamwork, meetings.

Chicago, IL – June 7, 2024 -Thinkspace will introduce a new level of privacy, comfort, and technology to North American offices and workspaces when it launches the new hushFree acoustic pods from Hushoffice brand at NeoCon 2024, June 10-12, at THE MART in Chicago.

The HushFree line, available in three sizes, promise to be game changers in audible privacy, offering premium Grade A acoustics according to Anjul Chandi, Principal/CEO for Thinkspace.

“Meeting spaces for private in-person meetings and hybrid video conferences are in high demand, and this innovative series offers the sizes and features that can be personalized to meet the need of almost any workspace,” Chandi said. “Two of the models are offered with ADA compliance. We’re very excited to be the first to bring this innovative offering to the North American market.”

The HushFree collection Sid Meadows, Principal/Vice President of Sales said, is designed for the hybrid work world, where frequent phone calls, online meetings, mini-conferences, and brainstorming are common and can easily disturb coworkers. The Hushoffice booths deliver the ultimate comfort and relaxation while protecting acoustic privacy. They allow employees to keep working, talking, and meeting in open space offices, surrounded by stimuli and information, and yet concentrate on the task at hand. And they can be designed to fit any facility or need.

“The great thing about hushFree is that each of the booths can be tailored to meet the style and needs of your company. The color of the internal acoustic panels, tables and other elements allow for maximum personalization,” Meadows said.

The Neocon launch will feature the small, HushFree.S; medium, HushFree.M; and large, HushFree.L models. Each is designed for a specific type of work:

  • The HushFree.S is an office phone booth; the perfect place for solo work that requires focus and silence. It allows the individual to focus on their work, hold a brief video conference, and take care of phone calls without being disturbed or disturbing others.
  • The hushFree.M is a meeting pod that’s ideal for groups of up to four people. Whether you’re holding an informal or a formal meeting, collaborating on creative work, or leading a multi-person video conference, it allows you to do so efficiently, effectively, and silently. It’s also available in an accessible version that allows easy access for those with disabilities.
  • The hushFree.L large conference pod is perfect for business meetings with four or more people. Whether you’re giving a presentation or handling a video call with multiple participants, it’s the ideal alternative to traditional conference rooms,    allowing for customization as a workspace or a less formal meeting area. It’s also available in an accessible version that allows easy access for those with disabilities.

All models in the HushFree line feature the HushAssistant, a high-resolution, ADA-compliant touch screen for easy control of lighting and ventilation. This revolutionary technology integrates with scheduling systems to allow users to reserve each booth. An optional sensor is available to notify coworkers when a booth is occupied.

The HushFree line meets the class A acoustic standard for the highest level of sound insulation and privacy.And each booth comes equipped with an electrical power module and USB ports, as well as enhanced LED lights, which can be controlled with one touch, providing a range of mood lighting that can be adjusted in intensity throughout the day.

You’ll find the collection is also remarkably mobile. Mobility is standard; they include casters for easy movement and relocation and easy-to-access leveling glides to accommodate varying floor conditions. For even greater convenience, sofas and tables are standard, unless you prefer to order your HushFree booth without them. In short, you have the freedom to set up your pod to fit your need.

Each HushFree booth comes with a perforation marking  in the top of the pod to accommodate fire life-safety requirements. An additional grommet for DSO signaling can be added at any time.  And all HushFree pods are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 23351:2020, UL Certified, have attained GreenGuard Gold Certification, and meet all relevant BIFMA and GS testing requirements.

A hushFree launch party is set for 3:30 p.m. Monday, June 10 in the Thinkspace showroom at Neocon, which is suite 1099 on the 10th floor. Attendees will enjoy cocktails, sushi, and a chance to win in the HushFree cash booth.

The existing much loved and trusted Hush “classic” line remains in the product portfolio. Thinkspace has installed over 4000 pods in North America since 2018.

About Thinkspace:

Founded by Anjul Chandi & Mark Bailey, Thinkspace outfits the work environment with essential, beautiful, and fun furniture. A vibrant woman-owned company, Thinkspace is dedicated to bringing life back to today’s workspaces. All products are European designed and manufactured. Over the last five years, the company has become well-known as innovative, service-oriented leader in the acoustic pod category. With five inventory stocking locations across the US, Thinkspace can quickly deliver products in as little as 10 days.

About Hushoffice:

Hushoffice is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers for acoustic pod solutions located in Lodz, Poland. Hushoffice is a brand of office pods that has been created to provide privacy for employees and flexibility for workplaces. With the most extensive catalog of booths available on the market, Hushoffice is the solution for teams seeking to maintain workplace functionality as they grow. The Hushoffice brand also provides a supplementary offer, i.e., products supporting effective work in agile office open spaces, such as the hushWall mobile partition wall.  Visit to learn more.


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