Introducing Nugget, the ultimate modular seating system that blurs the lines between office and home. Designed to be simple, modular, and versatile, Nugget allows you to create endless configurations for any office and public space.


Chair, Sofa, Corner


Acoustic fabric or metal mesh screens, shelves, coffee or side tables


  • Fully sprung seat + lumbar support
  • Power module
  • Linking brackets
  • Casters

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Kauppi & Kauppi

Designer: Kevin Lahtinen & Ivar Gestranius

We are not furniture makers: we are storytellers. When designing a product, we want to give it a purpose, a place in this world, a part in a bigger narrative. We want to give interior designers and architects fresh, new paints for their canvases, companies a chance to stand out with a glimpse of our Finnish design DNA.

We believe that all the things we surround ourselves with can have a story to tell. It’s up to you to give the products a new meaning. Because in the end, the worth of a product is not in the name of who designed it, but in the stories you share with it. We measure our worth as LoOok in the stories we get to share with you. So what’s your story?

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