back to the office in 2021

back to the office in 2021

a safe place to work and zoom

After months of having the entire workforce working from home, employers are faced with a major challenge – how to provide a safe place to work and comfortable conditions to ensure that getting back to the office goes as smoothly and safely as possible?

As we enter the new year there is hope for some normality to return, particularly with the implementation of the new vaccination scheme. With this brings the potential for life to return to a ‘new-normal’.

Office spaces may never be the same again, however, with some thought and innovation a new way of working is on the horizon.

The use of Hush acoustic booths is an innovative solution which creates an additional, isolated workstation inside the office space that is protected against viruses and microbes. An easy solution to dissect an open-plan office, creating secluded, well ventilated workstations to enable social distancing.

If you are looking to invest in an acoustic enclosure, opt for top quality products from Hush, and extra anti-infection systems!

HushMeet.L – a secure space for video conferencing

The most important principles for going back to the office will include keeping a social distance and regularly disinfecting workstations.

Hushoffice acoustic booths are a triple threat when it comes to implementing these new rules. The hushMeet.L is an innovative solution that makes it possible to create an extra room within in the office space to be used for meetings of small teams, allowing employees from individual departments to maintain social distance.

The interior can be used for a comfortable video call, due to the acoustic properties. This is the ideal environment to facilitate working with colleagues or clients remotely, avoiding the need to have face to face appointments while providing a quiet, collaborative space.

anti-viral coating

An additional safety solution is the use of anti-viral coating which is applied to the surfaces within the booth – it ensures that employees can feel reassured regarding transmission of viruses and microbes in the office.

Contact with colleagues is, of course, the quickest route of infection because the virus is airborne, which is why it is so important to keep a social distance.

However, as the virus can remain on surfaces and objects contaminated by sneezing or coughing for a short period of time, the anti-viral coating helps to eliminate germs from being harbored within the booth.

The photocatalytic coating offered with Hush booths is based on the properties of titanium oxide (IV); the special anti-viral coating consists primarily of a thin layer of titanium dioxide which, under the influence of light, becomes a catalyst for the reaction. The resulting reactive oxygen species (including hydrogen peroxide) oxidize bacteria, viruses and organic pollutants and breaks them down into carbon dioxide, water and simple inorganic ions. It is an innovative and exceptionally effective coating system using photocatalytic properties. Most importantly, it can be used on all types of surfaces to not only kill viruses, bacteria and fungi, but also purifies the air and neutralizes odors.

fresh airflow

Ventilation is another key point to consider. Hush booths offer some of the quickest air exchange rates within the booths on the market. For example, the hushPhone booth has a full exchange of entirely new air every 90 seconds. This gives extra reassurance for multiple staff members to use the booths consecutively, thus providing the ultimate solution for a safe return to work in 2021.