An Appealing Office

An Appealing Office

Greenery in the office space is not a new concept, but as the world returns to work, the benefits may be even more attractive than before. Biophilia gives people a connection to the outdoors, boosting overall mood and productivity. But what many people over look is the purifying characteristics of plants. According to a study done by NASA, adding one plant per 100 square feet can purify a room by pulling toxins such as ammonia and formaldehyde from the air.

Cortisol levels can increase as people return to their normal habits. Get ahead of the game with plants indoors; they are therapeutic and calming, reducing stress levels by 58% according to a study done by University of Technology, Sydney. Increasing employee satisfaction benefits the company overall.

Hushbooths allow you to take advantage of vertical space with Green Wall. Add this right to the wall of your hush booths and watch your employee’s willingness to work skyrocket. Spatial planning takes a lot of effort, energy, and coordination; adding one potted plant can throw off the whole floor plan. Utilizing the “empty space” of booth walls is both time and cost efficient.

The hardest part about owning plants is remembering to water them. Green Wall has an automatic watering system that can be operated with the push of a button. Turn it on first thing Monday morning, and your plants are ready to thrive and purify all week long.

Investing in your space is an investment into your employees. Workplace attraction is important; providing perks like this to products you already own is the quickest and easiest way to promote workplace wellness.