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Post-Pandemic Safety
As coronavirus vaccination programs begin rolling out in various parts of the country, office work is expected to resume after June of 2021. While this is a tentative timeline, researchers, as well as workers, are optimistic that by this time, there will be at least be two workdays spent inside the office.
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An Appealing Office
Greenery in the office space is not a new concept, but as the world returns to work, the benefits may be even more attractive than before. Biophilia gives people a connection to the outdoors, boosting overall mood and productivity. But what many people over look is the purifying characteristics of plants.
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workplace wellness
Office work has always primarily been a sedentary job which many people find to be its biggest downfall. The position in which you spend 8 hours every day at your desk is not natural, healthy or convenient for the human body. Discomfort plays havoc with not only the body but also the mind. Over time focus and motivation for work can decrease.
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flexible learning - an educational approach
Moving into 2021 workspaces have been required to adapt to meet our growing needs and to accommodate the new way of working. This affects not only office spaces, but also education. The restrictions around social distancing place added pressure to ensure that students have a safe place to work.
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back to the office in 2021
After months of having the entire workforce working from home, employers are faced with a major challenge – how to provide a safe place to work and comfortable conditions to ensure that getting back to the office goes as smoothly and safely as possible?
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Even before Covid-19, creating private and secure spaces has been a great way to build a sense of privacy and security without building walls. Hushoffice is easy, accessible, and crafted with exceptional design in mind.

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